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MWIE 001: John Lee Dumas (Loves KISS)

Most of us like to pretend that “the worst” doesn’t happen to “the best.” The Kardashians never get pimples. Lebron James never misses a layup. Seinfeld never tells a joke that falls flat. Right?

Despite knowing that our assumptions are largely incorrect, our brains are reluctant to let us fully comprehend the truth: celebrities are humans too. And if ever there was a celebrity in the podcasting and entrepreneurship worlds, it’s John Lee Dumas.

On the debut episode of “My Worst Interview Ever,” John pulls back the curtain a bit to let us see what really happens (at least from time to time) behind the scenes of his top-rated podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire. His story involves an international superstar. A near-missed connection. And an attitude about it all.

John Lee Dumas is the host of Entrepreneur on Fire and founder of Podcaster’s Paradise. From his new digs in Puerto Rico, JLD is also an author, speaker, and champion of podcasting worldwide. On his award-winning show, John has interviewed more than 1,500 entrepreneurs about their lives and businesses.



2:04 – John shares the story behind his worst interview ever, a few memorable minutes with rock legend Gene Simmons from the band KISS.

6:59 – Learn why JLD decided to play the bad interview anyway, and hear how he managed to use it to help his audience.

8:38 – Tim and John are connected on RINGR. Learn how it works and how you can get a free 30-day trial.

9:36 – Get a few tips and tricks on how to rescue a less-than-stellar interview.

11:37 – What was the one moment in time that changed John’s life forever? (It was actually a quote!)

13:30 – Get JLD’s new book, “The Mastery Journal”, here.