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MWIE 002: Paul Kemp (Podcasts w/ Monkeys)

Like Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman” or Tom Cruise in “Jerry McGuire”, certain people have lives made for movies. You look at the places they’re going and the things they’re doing and think, “Man, that can’t even be real, right?!” Paul Kemp is that guy.

Imagine a young man living in London, working for the Queen’s stock broker. He’s wearing pinstripe suits, living downtown, making bundles of money (for himself and Her Majesty), and living the dream. Now imagine that same young man willingly walking away from it all…and starting a podcast. Today, he’s a family man, working for himself (both from home and from exotic locations around the world), and on occasion fending off wild monkeys.

Paul Kemp is better known as “The App Guy”, and his podcast has featured more than 500 interviews with app founders around the world. He lives in the U.K., but has been known to podcast from the sparkling shores of Bali every once in awhile (thanks to RINGR).


1:26 – Paul tell us about recording and producing his podcast from around the world.

1:55 – Monkeys! (Seriously.)

2:59 – The App Guy’s worst (and first) interview ever.

4:09 – The dumbest question Paul asked his first guest was…?

5:28 – Paul shares the tips and tricks he uses to avoid repeating his original mistakes.

6:52 – RINGR mention

7:33 – Where would The App Guy be if not podcasting?

9:08 – What one moment in time changed Paul forever? He tells us…

11:59 – Want to get ahold of Paul? Start here!