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MWIE 003: Rob Walch (Almost Gets Arrested)

The best conversations in life always seem to be the ones where you learn something new about the person you’re talking to. Whether it’s the cashier at the grocery story store, a colleague at work, or even your spouse…getting to a level you’ve never gotten to before is good. Special even.

Today, while talking with Rob Walch from Libsyn on My Worst Interview Ever, we got to that level. It was unexpected (for both of us, I think), but it was good. After discussing his “worst interview ever”, Rob shared a story that few people have heard before. It involved an airplane. And anger. And a stupid decision that almost cost him everything.

It changed his life, and I’ll bet it could change yours as well.

Rob Walch is the VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn (the world’s largest podcast network). He hosts or co-hosts several podcasts himself (including Podcast411), co-wrote the book “Tricks of the Podcasting Masters”, and has been the podcast consultant for a number of big names including Tim Ferriss, Senator John Edwards, Jack Welch, and many others.


1:05 – What does Rob Walch do all day?

1:31 – Is Rob really that terrible of a basketball coach?

3:36 – Rob cheats and has TWO worst interviews ever!

7:48 – A couple tips and tricks for a successful interview.

8:39 – Learn more about RINGR.

9:23 – You’ve got a great interview…now how do you best promote it?

10:39 – Rob nearly thrown off an airplane and arrested. Learn how it changed him forever.

13:09 – Email Rob at rob (at) libsyn (dot) com or connect with Libsyn here.