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MWIE 004: Brant Hansen (Laughs at Whistlers)

When they were younger, my boys used to ask me “why” a lot. Why do we have to go to the store? Why are clouds white? Why can’t I stick my sandwich in the DVD player? Stuff like that. If you’re a parent, I’m quite sure you can relate.

And while some of my kids’ questions had perfectly logical and easily explainable answers…many of them did not. For example, I was never really sure how to respond to “why is our car blue” or “why is the cat’s tail so fluffy” or “why does the bathroom at Target smell like Fruit Loops” other than with, “just because.”

When it comes to Brant Hansen, I find myself trying to explain his likability in similar ways. He’s funny and relatable and real, but there are other people who are those things too. Brant is different. And despite my best efforts, I can’t articulate exactly why he’s so stinking enjoyable to listen to and interact with. So, I’m forced to leave it as, “just because.”

You’ll see.

Brant Hansen is a nationally syndicated radio host heard on more than 200 radio stations across the country. He is an author, a speaker, an advocate for Cure International…and he also loves toast. A lot. His talents include playing the accordion and telling amazing stories (including the one you’ll hear on this episode).


0:24 – Brant is slightly offended at being the “worst interview ever.”

2:23 – The story of Brant’s interview with the National Whistling Champion.

6:36 – Learn more about RINGR.

7:08 – Brant’s tips and tricks for rescuing a bad interview.

10:01 – What moment in Brant’s life changed him forever?

13:01 – Get in touch with Brant at his website.