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MWIE 005: Shawn Smith (Gives Stuff Away)

Growing up, I considered my best friend’s dad to be the nicest adult I knew. Gary was strict, to be sure, but he was always kind, polite, and generous. Plus, he and his wife always kept the house stocked with Dr Pepper and salami. Two staples for teenage boys.

Looking back, Gary always seemed to genuinely care about whoever it was he was talking to. He looked you in the eye, smiled, and didn’t let anything distract him from the conversation. I also noticed that–despite being a rather influential and accomplished individual–Gary rarely (if ever) talked about himself. He was way too focused on the other person’s well-being to be concerned with his own ego or achievements.

I thought about Gary today as I was talking to Shawn Smith. Shawn comes in a close second for “nicest person on the planet.” (And honestly, he’s just a Dr Pepper and package of thinly-sliced salami away from a tie for first.) Whether it’s through his role in the business world or the mission field, Shawn’s goal is to better other people’s lives. He’ll better yours today. He did mine.

Shawn Smith may be better known as “The Mobile Pro”…spending his days equipping, training and inspiring entrepreneurs to create content and manage their businesses from anywhere in the world. Shawn and his wife spend an average of three months per year in Guatemala, serving children and their families who live in poverty.


0:45 – Tim is forgiven.

2:07 – Shawn tells the story of his worst interview ever…with his former music teacher.

7:10 – Learn more about how Tim and Shawn connected for their interview on RINGR.

7:30 – The importance of authenticity.

9:16 – Shawn’s tips and tricks for successful interviews…especially newcomers to the industry.

10:53 – A lesson Shawn learned from his dad that changed his life forever.

13:32 – Shawn is giving MWIE listeners a free copy of his e-book, “5 Ways to Record Podcast Interviews with an iPhone.” Get yours by going here.