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MWIE 006: Jeff Brown (Wastes His Time)

I once had a boss tell me, “You haven’t really worked in radio until you’ve been fired at least once.” That made me a little nervous for two reasons: 1) I had never been fired before and 2) He had the power to fire me. Apparently, I left the company before he could get around to it.

The odd thing was, my boss was right. Broadcasting, as an industry, is notorious for its employment carousel…and it wasn’t too many years before I found myself asked (nicely) to step off the spinning wheel of fun onto the steady (albeit scary) ground of unemployment.

I thought about that fateful day again while talking to Jeff Brown today. After more than a quarter century in radio, Jeff got fired…and (in hindsight) it was one of the best things that ever happened to him. Instead of getting up at 4am to work because he has to, Jeff now gets up at 5am to run because he wants to. Instead of sitting through four hour air-shifts and eternal staff meetings, Jeff now hosts a 30-minute (ish) podcast once a week and leads his own mentor and training sessions.

Plus, he’ll never get fired again.

Jeff Brown is a podcaster, blogger, mentor and speaker who spent 26 years in radio before starting the “Read to Lead” podcast. He has interviewed a ton of big-name guests including Chris Brogan, Seth Godin, John Maxwell, Gary Vaynerchuck and Simon Sinek.


0:46 – Tim offends Jeff right off the bat.

2:28 – Jeff’s worst interview ever was shallow enough and bad enough, that it never got heard. Ever.

6:30 – Learn more about how Tim and Jeff connected via RINGR, and try it for yourself.

7:24 – How do you successfully go after getting big guests to agree to be on your show?

11:26 – Jeff’s life was forever changed by a former boss who unknowingly pushed Jeff to read again and, ultimately start the “Read to the Lead” podcast. Jeff even gets a little choked up talking about it.

13:01 – Find Jeff and the “Read to Lead” podcast here…or check out Podcaster Academy. You can connect with Jeff via email too.