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MWIE 007: Dr. Colin Gray (Is Doubly Bad)

When you spend as many years on the radio as I have, you’re bound to have embarrassing moments. The funny thing is–right now–I honestly can’t think of any. Not a single one. I can, however, think of plenty for my long-time co-host, Pam…and let’s be honest, telling other people’s stories is way more fun anyway.

I’ll narrow it down to two:

  1. Pam once called the NCAA Tournament, the NAACP Tournament. (She’s black, but still…those are two entirely different organizations.)
  2. While collecting shoes for a non-profit, Christian organization, Pam exclaimed on the air, “We have a shipload of shoes here.” (It’s boatload or sh#!load…but I don’t think shipload is a thing.”)

Anyway, ship happens to all of us…though I’m not sure either of those examples quite compares to the embarrassment felt by Dr. Colin Gray during an interview for his podcast. The story is hilarious…and borderline unbelievable. Enjoy!

Colin Gray is a founder, a podcaster, an online educator, and has been teaching podcasting and online business skills for over 7 years. Colin’s mission is to help businesses connect with their customers and to grow an army of fanatical fans through broadcast.


0:19 – Is Colin Gray a real doctor?

1:31 – So what does Colin do all day?

2:26 – This “worst interview ever” is one of our favorites. SO good.

5:46 – And the hits just keep on coming…Colin has TWO stories!

6:49 – Tim and Colin are connected (across the pond) on RINGR. Learn more here.

7:11 – Tim guesses where Colin and his cool accent are from. He is wrong.

8:48 – The good doctor shares a few tips and tricks for avoiding his past mistakes.

12:27 – Colin shares the moment in time that changed his life forever.

14:53 – Follow Colin on Twitter or visit his website “The Podcast Host.