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MWIE 009: Lisa Williams (Lays on the Floor)

Several years ago I emceed a fundraising event that was being headlined by a well-known, well-respected public speaker. Since we were both seated at the head table, I had the chance to chat with him for a bit during dinner. To say I was surprised (and disappointed) by his demeanor would be a gross understatement.

From stage, this man was articulate, passionate, and a pillar of kindness and grace and selflessness. In person, um…not so much. As best I could tell, this man played a role when he got behind a microphone. One-on-one he was disinterested, short, and rude. In front of a crowd, he was…pretty perfect. Though not a politician, he certainly could have filled  those shoes rather nicely.

Unfortunately, I think it’s fairly common for public figures (and maybe all of us) to have two personalities. Which is why it’s so stinking remarkable when you come across someone who is genuinely authentic, no matter what is happening or who is watching. Lisa Williams is one of those people.

I knew of Lisa long before I actually knew her. She was the radio star at that big station in Orlando…and then at that big network in California. Then, one day, she became my morning show consultant. And then my friend. And I can tell you–beyond a shadow of a doubt–Lisa is as real as they come. Her heart is always on her sleeve. And always in her voice.

Lisa Williams has been on the radio for the past 26 years, and is currently the host of the nationally syndicated radio show (and podcast) “Life with Lisa Williams”…heard on 62 stations around the country. During her career, Lisa also spent time on the K-Love radio network and Z88 in Orlando and as an on-air talent consultant.


0:32 – Lisa is happy to learn she is NOT our token female.

1:29 – How Lisa’s podcast kinda-sorta turned into a nationally-syndicated radio show.

2:47 – It was in the early 1990’s when Lisa had her (very long) worst interview ever.

8:05 – What did Lisa learn from that interview and how would she deal with it now?

10:20 – Lisa loves RINGR. You can try it for free here.

11:08 – Lisa almost didn’t graduate from high school. Hear how a teacher–in 30 seconds–turned Lisa’s life around.

14:14 – You can find Lisa on the web here…and you can learn more about the sponsor of her show, Cure International, here.