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MWIE 011: Elsie Escobar (Is Very Bendy)

Many years ago (though not too many, ‘cuz she is super young), Elsie Escobar and her family emigrated to the United States from El Salvador. As you might imagine, it changed her life. Not only was she in a new country with a new language and new customs…but she was presented with new opportunities that simply didn’t exist in her home country.

To say Elsie has made the most of those opportunities would be a massive understatement. She turned her love for yoga into a podcast and that podcast into a career. Today, Elsie is a leader in an industry that is seeing explosive growth…partly due to the trail she blazed all the way from El Salvador.

Elsie Escobar does a little bit of everything. She works as a community manager for Libsyn, hosts her own podcasts—including “She Podcasts” (a podcast about podcasting from the female perspective and FOR women)—and also teaches yoga…which, ironically, is what first got her into the podcasting space to begin with.


1:32 – Elsie has a lot of podcasts. And is very bendy.

4:00 – A live event (and a very dull guest) set the stage for Elsie’s worst interview ever.

7:37 – How do you decide between bailing on an interview and pushing forward? When is it worth it?

9:19 – This entire episode was recorded on RINGR. Tim in his studio. Elsie on her phone!

10:05 – As a little girl, Elsie and her family came to the United States from El Salvador. Learn how that changed her as a person and as a podcaster.

13:51 – Elsie loves her some Twitter. Check her out @yogeek, @shepodcasts, and her employer @libsyn.