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MWIE 012: Chris Brogan (Ruins an Interview)

Before “My Worst Interview Ever” began, I put a list of people together who were “dream guests.” Essentially, they were leaders in the industry who I didn’t expect to get on the show, but I sure hoped to. Each had to fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • A thought leader in the business, entrepreneurship, podcast and/or broadcast spaces
  • Having done (or been a guest on) a ton of interviews
  • Have a great/painful “worst interview” story to share
  • Lead a passionate tribe of people who would naturally benefit from hearing their interview story

Chris fit all of those perfectly. And, miraculously, he agreed to be on the podcast. As he mentions in the interview, he does his best to serve others through his life and his business. And today he served us very well, indeed.

For most, Chris Brogan really needs no introduction. Put simply, Chris helps people and companies use media and community to attract customers. He’s an author, a speaker, a blogger, and business owner…and has a ton of free, helpful resources on his website


0:52 – Chris wants to interview Matthew McConaughey (and has a plan to lure him)

1:29 – Learn more about Owner Media, which Chris runs.

4:41 – We get an interviewing tip before the actual story…because, Chris Brogan.

5:42 – Chris decided to have a little fun with a guy who was interviewing him.

7:53 – In an attempt to ruin the interview, Chris gave some really ummmm…awkward responses to questions.

9:17 – Tim tries to get a takeaway or two…and Chris has some great ones.

10:55 – Tim and Chris are connected on RINGR, with Chris on his smartphone! You can get a 30-day free trial right now.

11:17 – What was the moment in time that changed Chris Brogan forever?

14:03 – Connect with Chris online at either his personal website or his business website. And don’t forget to sign up for his newsletter!