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MWIE 013: Todd Uterstaedt (In Auto-Update Hell)

Some people find it extremely hard to focus. I know this because 1) it’s fairly common knowledge and 2) I’m one of them. (Hey look, a duck!) Todd Uterstaedt, however, is not one of those people.

As you’ll hear, Todd is laser-focused on a very specific audience, and he does it both well and unapologetically. Todd doesn’t talk to startup founders. He doesn’t talk to CEOs. He only sits down with current CEOs who founded the company and had to make the transition from creating a company to maintaining and growing it.

But, today, he sits down with us…and shares his worst interview ever.

Todd Uterstaedt is a CEO coach and the host of the “From Founder to CEO” podcast…as well as a former military intelligence officer. Todd has interviewed well over 150 CEO’s on his show (from small companies to large publicly-traded ones) based in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


0:44 – Is Todd a prima donna?

2:23 – Todd’s worst interview ever was with a “big catch” guest…and involved the s-word. (“Skype.”)

7:01 – Thankfully, Tim and Todd connected and recorded using RINGR.

7:42 – How do you get the information you want out of the people you interview?

10:05 – A late night with the US military in South Korea changed Todd’s life forever.

13:29 – You can find Todd and From Founder to CEO here.