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MWIE 014: Doug Hannah (Takes on Slater)

Shortly after my family moved to Illinois, I remember my dad mentioning that “the new guy on the radio” had started going to our church. His name was Doug Hannah. In Jr. High at the time (early 90’s), I had no interest in radio as a career yet…but I could still tell that this guy was going places. And a few years later, he did. To Chicago. And then Houston. And then Nashville.

A decade later–and in radio myself–Doug called and offered me a job, giving us the chance to work together at WAY-FM for a few years. Now it’s been another decade (or more), and I’m honored that Doug agreed to be on the show. If you had told me 25 years ago that “the new guy on the radio” would one day be on my podcast, I would have said “no way.” Also, I would have said, “What’s a podcast?”

Doug Hannah is a long-time radio veteran who is currently heard on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio’s “The Message.” He is also a well-respected voice talent for companies including TNT, O’Charley’s and Steak N Shake. Doug also hates the new iPad Pro, has a serious addiction to Diet Pepsi, and is a relatively new grandpa.

Show Notes:

0:39 – Another “offended” guest by the title of the show. 🙂

1:26 – Does Doug get products in exchange for doing voiceover work?

3:16 – Was Tim really Doug’s worst interview ever?

3:37 – The real worst interview used to be on “Saved By the Bell.” And it wasn’t Screetch.

5:40 – Is there a way to save an interview where the guest is 100% checked out?

8:17 – Doug and Tim are connected on (and recorded by) RINGR. Free 30-day trial here.

9:07 – Could Doug have joined the pro bowling tour if radio hadn’t worked out?

10:30 – Moving in with your in-laws after losing a job? Yep. Doug did it. And it changed his life.

12:31 – Connect with Doug on his very own website or on Twitter.