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MWIE 016: Chris Krimitsos (Kills Time)

There are certain people you meet in this life who always seem to be doing something. Not talking about it. Not planning for it. Actually doing it.

In the podcasting space, Chris Krimitsos is one of those people. From leading an industry conference to producing a ground-breaking documentary about the space, Chris is neck-deep in the podcasting world. And he makes it seem like business as usual. But the story of how he got there? It’s anything but usual.

Chris Krimitsos is the Chief Creative Officer for the Podfest Multimedia Expo, which attracts hundreds of podcasters from around the world each year. He is also a filmmaker, currently producing “The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary” which is set to release later this month.


0:56 – Chris and his team are working on a podcast documentary called “The Messengers.”

2:11 – A guest showed up for a live interview in front of an audience not dressed for an audience.

4:58 – Chris used to host a TV show too…and that is WAY more difficult than it sounds.

6:58 – Tim and Chris are using RINGR to record this interview. Check RINGR out for free here.

8:19 – Six months off–and a move from New York to Florida–changed Chris’ life forever.

10:15 – A chance meeting at a random dinner party opened the door for Chris to get into media…and never look back.

13:43 – Learn more about Podfest or email Chris directly at