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MWIE 017: Emily Prokop (Is Confused)

Every single morning, my grandpa would get up and begin cutting grapefruit for he and my grandma. He would meticulously pick out the seeds and delicately slice each and every triangle-shaped piece, while she would make oatmeal on the stove. Once the food was ready, they would sit down, eat, and grandpa would pull out the morning paper and do the crossword puzzle.

While I enjoyed the breakfast, I was fascinated by the puzzles. Only being in elementary school at the time, I couldn’t help much…but I tried. And today I’m still trying. I love crosswords…thanks entirely to my grandpa’s love for them. (As an aside, I really love grapefruit too!)

Anyway, our guest today has a pretty incredible job. In addition to being a podcaster, Emily Prokop is a crossword and word search puzzle editor. Her career (puzzles) has not only impacted her hobby (podcasting), but it has changed her entire life.

Emily Prokop is a trivia lover and puzzle editor, in addition to being a wife and mom and podcaster. Her latest podcast is called “The Story Behind”, which examines “the extraordinary history of the ordinary.”


0:51 – Emily edits crossword puzzles and word searches for a living, and you won’t believe what name she has to edit out of old puzzles these days!

2:42 – “The Story Behind” is the name of Emily’s podcast, and is SUPER fascinating.

4:03 – An interview where the interviewer couldn’t quite ask a succinct question not only confused Emily, but ended up being her worst ever.

6:50 – How do you interview someone in such a way that allows their answers to tell a story?

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8:51 – The art of silence. It’s amazing what a pause will do to elicit more information from your guest.

10:52 – Emily’s first journalism course in college not only changed her career, it introduced her to her husband!

13:03 – Find Emily on Twitter and be sure to check out her podcast “The Story Behind.”

13:37 – What is Emily’s favorite piece of trivia these days?