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MWIE 019: Dave Kirby (Feels Awkward)

I spent 17 years working in, primarily, Christian radio. I had a lot of fun and probably pushed the envelope more than most do on these types of stations, though we admittedly had to operate in a much smaller “box” than most. From topics to language to attitudes, my shows lived in a uber-conservative landscape.

Dave Kirby and I met while working at one of these stations during a fundraiser to help feed and educate needy kids in Africa. So, when I asked Dave to be on the podcast, I (foolishly) expected a safe, conservative story. Not boring, mind you…but vanilla, for sure. Thankfully, Dave’s story caught me very off guard.

Dave Kirby recently started the company “My Virtual Team”and is the host of the “One Simple Thing” podcast…currently with more than 600 episodes under his belt. Each guest Dave interviews tries to provide ONE thing that can help his listeners change themselves, their careers, or their world for the better.


1:43 – Dave is taking a short break from podcasting and has started a new company called “My Virtual Team.” It’s super cool.

3:26 – This is, hands down, the most surprised I have ever been doing an interview. What a fantastic/awkward worst interview ever!

6:44 – Dave adds to the fun with a bonus interview story about the band Train.

7:30 – Tim and Dave are using RINGR to connect and record. Try it for free here.

8:07 – Is there any way to avoid what happened to Dave? He has a few thoughts.

9:44 – If Dave could interview anyone in the world–living or dead–who would it be?

11:40 – The moment in life where Dave changed forever? Becoming a dad.

13:34 – Make sure to email Dave, check out his podcast, and learn more about My Virtual Team.