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MWIE 020: Dave Jackson (Finds a Copycat)

The say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Which in some cases is absolutely true. Unfortunately, imitation can also be plagiarism, copyright or patent infringement, or just plain old laziness. It’s two sides of the same coin, I suppose.

Having been in the space since the beginning, Dave Jackson knows a lot of podcasts. He knows a lot of podcasters. And he knows–pretty much instantly–when a podcasting legend is being blatantly ripped off by someone else. That realization during an interview one day ultimately led to a confrontation…and Dave’s worst interview ever.

Dave Jackson has been podcasting since 2005 and—through his School of Podcasting—he has helped hundreds of people launch their own. Dave has a handful of other online podcasting tools and websites…and his personal podcast has had more than one million downloads over the years.


0:57 – Who is Dave Jackson and what does he do all day?

2:24 – Dave’s worst interview ever he was the guest on…and the questions all sounded verrrrry familiar.

5:35 – How do you know when to bail on an interview? Do you ever?

7:14 – Tim and Dave are using RINGR to connect. Tim in his studio. Dave on his computer’s built-in mic. Check out a free 30-day trial here.

7:49 – Would Dave being playing music in bars today if it weren’t for podcasting?

8:56 – Dave’s brief stint as a grocery bagger (which he got fired from) taught him a valuable lesson…and changed his life forever.

11:02 – How do you go from wanting to start your own show to actually starting your own show?

12:29 – Be sure to connect with Dave and School of Podcasting through their website.