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MWIE 023: Daniel J Lewis (Goes Long)

Back in 2014, at the very first Podcast Movement, I met Daniel J Lewis. I was new to the podcast world, new to my business, and standing alone at the RINGR booth trying to meet as many people as possible. Daniel asked a ton of technical questions about RINGR that I didn’t really know the answers to. Partly because I’m not a technical guy. Partly because we didn’t have an actual product at the time…just an idea for one.

It wasn’t until after our initial conversation that I learned just how influential Daniel was/is in the podcasting world. And as it turns out, he’s a super nice guy too! We met for coffee near his home in Northern Kentucky once and have kept in touch at conferences and via email ever since. However, with a new baby in the Lewis household, I’m guessing our correspondence might drop off just a tad.

Daniel J Lewis is an award-winning podcaster AND helps others launch and improve their own podcasts. He designs websites; offers one-on-one consulting; speaks on technology, social media, and theology; and Daniel hosts a network of award-nominated shows of his own.


1:34 – Daniel does a lot of stuff, but mainly helps podcasters improve their existing podcasts through his company, Podcasters’ Society.

2:30 – The worst interview ever for Daniel was really freaking long. And unfocused. Obviously.

4:48 – It’s no surprise, but Daniel has some immediate tips for being a great interviewer and getting the most out of your guest.

6:40 – Get a free 30-day trial of RINGR right now.

7:00 – Daniel and his wife are having a baby. Is he ready? (Hint: no.)

9:33 – A number of years ago, Daniel’s world started to collapse. He hated his job. Had a broken engagement. Battled depression. And now?

13:04 – Daniel has a ton of resources available for podcasters (and aspiring podcasters) at his website, The Audacity to Podcast.