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MWIE 025: Vasavi Kumar (Was Insulted)

When I lived in Chicago, I became friends with a guy named Manny who operated a halfway house of sorts for men who had just been released from prison. Manny was from South America, and he frequently would say to people, “I went to Yale.” However, in the Spanish language, the letter J is often pronounced like a Y. So, what Manny was really saying was, “I went to jail.” Which he did.

Our guest today, Vasavi Kumar, doesn’t need a linguistic trick in order to tell people she’s an Ivy Leaguer. Primarily because she actually is. She has also battled bi-polar disorder for much of her life, and a conversation about that struggle led to her worst interview ever.

Vasavi Kumar is a little bit of everything: Best selling author, speaker, vegetarian chef and former radio host. Vasavi is also Ivy League educated and a certified Accomplishment Coach.


1:10 – Vasavi is super-accomplished AND is an accomplishment coach.

2:49 – The show is called “My Worst Interview Ever,” but Vasavi’s is a “Most Insulting Interview Ever.”

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6:47 – How has battling bi-polar disorder impacted Vasavi’s career as an accomplishment coach?

8:35 – What famous person would Vasavi most like to work with or help coach?

10:15 – Two people had a profound impact on Vasavi’s outlook on life.

13:12 – Connect with Vasavi online and check out her free video training at her website.