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MWIE 026: Anthony Witt (Can’t Understand)

I never really started to feel like I was old until recently. I’m rapidly approaching 40, which is the age I remember my parents being when I thought they were old. College students call me “sir” now. And my joints hurt for days after playing volleyball.

Our guest today didn’t help matters when he told me that–as a kid–he used to listen to me on the radio. One one hand, that’s awesome. On the other hand, seriously?! How ancient must I be to have grown adults now telling me stuff like that? Ugh. At least Anthony is doing awesome things and has a fun “worst interview ever” story to share.

Anthony Witt is the founder and creator of The Champion Entrepreneur, providing valuable information and resources to help his clients become the champion that they know deep down inside that they are. Anthony not only has a podcast and blog, but also offers mastermind classes and many other resources.


0:37 – Anthony makes Tim feel super old.

1:29 – Mastermind classes are the primary focus for Anthony these days, but there’s plenty more to his company, The Champion Entrepreneur.

2:12 – Anthony has two “worst interviews ever” for us…including one where he literally had NO idea what his guest was saying.

5:58 – A combative guest who actually taught Anthony something.

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8:42 – Anthony’s #1 tip for a successful interview is…

10:30 – How to be an effective spokesperson for your audience while you’re interviewing a guest.

11:31 – Tim catches Anthony off guard with a question about the moment his life changed forever.

14:31 – Connect with Anthony at The Champion Entrepreneur…or on social media @aleewitt.