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MWIE 027: Joshua Liston (Sees Too Much)

Since the day that I met her, the voice on my wife’s phone has been that of a burly Australian man, rather than Siri. I don’t know that he has a name, but I’ve always been kind of jealous of him…speaking all sultry-like to Noel as she drives.

Anyway, Joshua C. Liston has a super-cool Australian accent that makes me jealous too. But Joshua also has an unbelievable worst interview that you just have to hear to believe. Truly, it’s fantastic.

Joshua C. Liston calls himself a Terminator fan, a wannabe polymath, and a anti-guru of sorts. He is from Australia and hosts several podcasts of his own—including Deadly Arnold 2.0, On the Bubble, and The Podcasters’ Survival Guide.


0:38 – Joshua is in the middle of Australia…a long, long way away from Tim (in Illinois).

1:18 – Unfortunately, the words Joshua uses in his bio are much too big for Tim to understand.

2:59 – An “affected” celebrity guest who unknowingly turned his video camera on during the Skype interview. It’s an amazing story.

7:08 – Tim and Joshua are on opposite sides of the planet, connecting and recording on RINGR. Try it out for yourself for free.

8:03 – The importance of being 100% invested and interested in your interview guest.

9:29 – What does the guest selection process look like for Joshua? (Hint: it requires a lot of reading!)

11:01 – Positive reinforcement when he was in high school helped Joshua learn that his natural curiosity should be nurtured rather than stifled.

15:31 – Connect with Joshua and listen to his podcasts here.