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MWIE 030: Matt Macbeth (Gets Tricked)

I first met Matt at an investor meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. A mutual friend introduced us, knowing that we had each spent significant amounts of time in the audio space. Matt on the technical side. Me on the creative side. Also, Matt was carrying a large rubber ducky which made it nearly impossible to not strike up a conversation.

Anyway, as it turns out, Matt is a really cool (and smart) dude…and he and his rubber ducky stand on the edge of an interactive children’s toy gold mine. Matt is also a burgeoning content creator, who very quickly developed a “worst interview ever.” Two of them, actually.

Matt Macbeth is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Pi Lab (featuring Edwin the Duck), and a budding podcaster/vlogger. He’s also an innovator, visionary, audio expert, and (in his words) “recovering engineer.”


0:40 – Why does Matt carry a rubber ducky around with him?

2:51 – Matt is relatively new to the podcast space, and has already had a few terrible experiences with interviews…TWO of which he shares with us!

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7:34 – If Matt wasn’t creating amazing, technology-filled ducks, what would he be doing today?

8:40 – Taking things apart and putting them back together again was a staple of Matt’s childhood, and he says those experiences changed the trajectory of his life.

10:15 – Learn more about Matt (and Edwin the Duck) by emailing him or by connecting on LinkedIn.