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MWIE 031: Gary Leland (Offends the BBC)

Since starting RINGR, I learned of a phrase called “first to market.” Entrepreneurs and investors particularly like it because the concept is seen as a major advantage in the business world. It stands to reason that–if you can be the first company to present X product to market–then you’ll have a better chance of getting and retaining a majority of the consumers who have been looking for X. Even if others come along later and try to copy what you’re doing.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a more convincing story of the “first to market” idea than Gary Leland’s. Nearly everything he’s done, he’s done first. And he has been very, very successful because of it. From wallpaper to softball to podcasting, Gary’s story is remarkable…as is his worst interview ever.

Gary Leland is a podcaster and entrepreneur who started selling wallpaper in a retail store in the 80’s, online in the 90’s, moved into baseball and softball equipment sales, and then began podcasting in 2004. He now publishes several magazines, was one of the co-founders of Podcast Movement, and recently had the Mayor of Arlington, Texas name March 1st as Gary Leland Day.


0:40 – Gary has his very own day on the calendar! How did that happen?

1:26 – From selling wallpaper and softball gear online, Gary’s has turned his passions into a burgeoning business…in many ways because he got to the space first.

3:47 – Speaking of being first, Gary’s first podcast was way back in 2004…and he’s still podcasting today. And his reason for podcasting is solely to market his own products. Brilliant!

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7:03 – After being asked to be a podcast “expert” on BBC Radio, Gary’s worst interview ever involved him offending the host…and, actually, an entire industry.

9:21 – What is the future of podcasting and how does it/will it impact radio?

12:03 – Being a guest on someone’s show can have a big impact on your business. In fact, Gary never says no to a podcast invitation!

15:07 – Connect with Gary, find his podcasts, visit his various enterprises, and learn more about him at his website.