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MWIE 032: Kenn Blanchard (Gets Political)

They say there are two things you should never talk about at work: politics and religion. (Unless you work at FoxNews or CNN, I suppose.) There are just certain topics that divide people, start fights, and ultimately cause more problems than they solve. But don’t tell that to Kenn Blanchard.

Kenn adds race to the political and spiritual mix, and then talks about all three issues all the time. And, remarkably, he does it with great clarity and success. His background is something movies are made of, and his story is one you won’t want to miss.

After five years in the Marines and some time with the CIA, Kenneth Blanchard, Sr. is now a pastor, professional speaker, new media advocate, broadcaster, author, musician, firearms trainer, and entrepreneur. He’s probably best known from his hit podcast called “Black Man With A Gun.”


0:18 – The “Black Man with a Gun” is also a Reverend!

0:53 – Kenn describes himself as “The Forrest Gump of Adventure.” Learn why.

4:42 – A politician being super-political turned into Kenn’s worst interview ever. He describes it as “20 minutes of pain.”

8:39 –  When interviewing a person of influence, how do you best balance respecting the person vs. respecting your show and your audience?

10:36 – Tim and Kenn are connected and recording on RINGR. Check it out for free here.

11:22 – Ken’s desire to be a “superhero” changed his life forever. He tells us why and how.

13:07 – Learn more about Kenn and check out the podcast, Black Man with a Gun.