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MWIE 033: David Hooper (Loses His Guest)

Just like Los Angeles is filled with actors masquerading as waiters, Nashville is packed to the rafters with musicians waiting tables as well. The competition for available gigs is extremely steep and the odds for making a living are extremely long.

Several decades ago, Nashville-born David Hooper realized that his skill set made him less of a candidate for playing music and more of a candidate for marketing it. So, that’s what he chose to do. And he did so extremely successfully. Today, however, David has taken those marketing skills to “influencers” (authors, podcasters, bloggers, etc.)…as well as to his own radio show and podcast. The former of which left him with an amazing “worst interview ever.”

David Hooper is a 20-year veteran of the music marketing industry, as well as an author, podcaster and radio host. David enlists the techniques he used to help musicians to grow their fanbases, spread their music, and make money now help authors, bloggers, and podcasters grow their audiences.


0:43 – David uses the tools and techniques he incorporated to help musicians market themselves with podcasters and authors and bloggers now.

2:03 – A legendary rock star gets in a fight with David’s producer and ultimately walks out of an interview on his show, “Music Business Radio.”

8:27 – Unfortunately, David is this guy’s ride back to the hotel after the horrible interview. What do they talk about?

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11:07 – How do you get the most out of your interview guest? David has some powerful thoughts.

14:35 – Getting married changed David’s life…in more ways than you might think.

16:49 – Find David online (and listen to his podcast) and his website.