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MWIE 034: Philip Keller (Hangs Up)

As much as I don’t want to admit it, I can be an “excuses guy.” Miss an appointment with a client? Blame it on not enough sleep or a congested calendar. Bad night playing volleyball? Perhaps I ate too much or didn’t stretch. It often feels like the last thing I want to do is admit that I’m the issue rather than my circumstances.

Today’s guest on My Worst Interview Ever apparently doesn’t struggle with that same issue. He’s blind…and yet most people would never know it. In fact, for years, his radio audience didn’t have a clue. He was just “Trapper Jack”, the fun-loving guy in the morning. But today Philip Keller is using his story of blindness to change people’s lives…in the most miraculous of ways.

Philip Keller is the host of the Blind Faith Live podcast, which is super-appropriate since Philip is blind and the show is about faith. He also used to do morning radio, which (in his own words) was done with “a unique blend of wit, civic pride and spirituality.”


1:27 – Philip’s radio career took him everywhere…as most every radio personality’s does.

2:52 – Philip hung up on George Carlin?! Yep. Right in the middle of his worst interview ever.

8:01 – One listener actually thought the interview was SO bad that is was actually an April Fool’s Day joke!

9:13 – At one point do you move from offering “respect” to a celebrity to pushing back at them?

10:19 – Tim and Philip are connected on RINGR. Check out a free trial now.

11:14 – Philip is blind, but for years his radio audience never knew it.

13:32 – We have a brief state capitals quiz!

14:14 – What moment changed Philip’s life forever. The answer is yes, and the story is…miraculous.

16:49 – Connect with Philip and Blind Faith Live on his website.