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MWIE 035: Buck Ballard (Gets Sick)

It seems like nearly every podcaster has a “day job.” A job that pays the bills and provides the knowledge and/or expertise a host needs for his show. Over the course of this podcast, one of my favorite parts has been learning my guests’ wide variety of “day jobs.” Accountants, consultants, developers, radio hosts.

Today, I talk with Buck Ballard who–in real life–is a truck driver. And he managed to turn his knowledge of the road into a successful podcast with his son. His story is fascinating and should be an encouragement for any aspiring podcaster. It is possible to turn your experience and your passion–no matter what it is–into content that others want to consume. Buck did…and you can too.

Buck Ballard is the co-host of “The Trucking Podcast” (along with his son Don) and of “The Tom and Kris Camping Podcast” (along with his wife, Kris)…but, primarily, Buck is a truck driver. It’s what he loves and what feeds his family.


0:54 – In addition to being a podcaster, Buck is a truck driver…and it’s what his podcast is all about.

3:59 – Buck’s worst interview ever was when he was a guest on a high profile show…and very, very sick.

6:52 – Two must-know keys for podcasters that Buck learned from Glenn the Geek.

10:41 – Check out RINGR, for free, right now.

11:50 – The moment Buck decided to stop drinking changed Buck’s life forever…as did a book called “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge.

13:28 – Buck’s must-remember quote from the book: “In the heart of every man is the desire for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.”

14:07 – Connect with Buck at his podcast websites, The Trucking Podcast and Tom and Kris Camping.