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MWIE 036: Jen Briney (Holds A Grudge)

Some people notice things. Other people do things. Some people talk. Other people act. Some people complain. Other people create. Our guest today is other people.

After noticing discrepancies between what’s true in Washington and what’s reported about Washington–and a severe lack of transparency within Congress–Jen Briney decided to do something about it. She created the Congressional Dish podcast, which ultimately became hugely successful, and it’s truly making a difference. Not only will you learn how to do interviews and podcasts from Jen…you’ll learn about how to do life.

Jen Briney is the host of Congressional Dish and is one of the fortunate few whose podcast is her full-time job. Jen digs into the bills being passed in Congress and reports on the important news within them that largely goes uncovered.


0:43 – What is Congressional Dish and how did it start?

3:18 – Jen’s worst interview ever involved lies, deception, and (ultimately) anger.

7:31 – Find out how to start a free, 30-day trial of RINGR.

8:13 – What did Jen learn from her worst ever interview?

9:34 – Studying abroad in Germany during college completely changed Jen’s view of the world and of her role within it.

14:56 – Connect with Jen and listen to Congressional Dish at the podcast website…and don’t forget to download her free Congressional Dish app on iOS and Android.