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MWIE 037: Glenn the Geek (Has a Chip)

If you run in podcasting circles long enough, it’s easy to discover people in the industry who virtually everyone respects. A few have developed a gigantic following. Some have perfectly cornered their niche. Others have simply been podcasting since the very beginning. For me, several names always seem to come up: John Lee Dumas, Jeff Brown, Daniel J Lewis, and…Glenn the Geek.

For those of us still trying to learn where we fit into the podcasting universe, Glenn is a role model. Not only has he developed a gigantic podcasting network based on a rather small niche, but he has done it with grace, with a smile, and without too many burrs in his saddle.

Glenn Hebert (otherwise known as “Glenn the Geek”) heads up the Horse Radio Network…which is now one of the largest podcasting networks in the world. Glenn’s network of shows have more than 7,200 interviews under their collective belts, with listeners in 92 different countries.


0:28 – Glenn goes by many names, but out of all the options he gives us his preference.

1:24 – The Horse Radio Network is one of the largest podcasting networks in the world…but how did it start?

2:40 – Glenn actually has two “worst interviews”…including his first ever…which comes with a very valuable lesson for any interviewer.

4:05 – The second “worst interview” started with some poorly-taken advice and ended with a scathing letter from Glenn’s guest.

7:10 – How do you handle it when you just don’t like your guest?

11:00 – Check out RINGR (how Tim and Glenn are recording) right now for free!

11:51 – Lime disease changed Glenn’s life forever in some very dramatic (and unexpected) ways.

13:31 – Glenn and his wife have decided to never “own” again…and focus on experiences rather than stuff.

15:54 – Find Glenn the Geek and the Horse Radio Network on their website or download the free app on iOS and Android.