All of us have had an “interview gone wrong.” Probably more than one. Connection issues. The wrong bio information. A guest who wouldn’t stop talking. A guest who wouldn’t start talking. Prima donnas. Terrible content. Weird distractions. But rather than pretend these interview disasters don’t happen or leave them on the cutting room floor, we thought it would be fun to talk about them. Three times a week. In a podcast.

“My Worst Interview Ever” talks with with the world’s all-time greatest interviewers about their all-time worst interviews. We laugh a lot…learn a little…and then dive deep with each guest to find out what makes him or her tick. All in about 15 minutes. It’s really quite something.

Our host is Tim Sinclair, the CEO of RINGR and 18-year radio veteran. Before “accidentally” starting his own company, Tim spent time in Chicago, Huntsville and Baton Rouge, as well as on a 12-station radio network serving Illinois and parts of Missouri and Indiana. During his career, Tim literally interviewed thousands of musicians, authors and other industry experts. While most of them went relatively well, some most certainly did not. One guy did the entire interview while running on his treadmill! Breathtaking. Literally.

Anyway, we’re gonna have fun. And learn stuff. We hope you will too.

You can find “My Worst Interview Ever” on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, iHeart Radio, and YouTube.